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  • don't look like theres anything happening this sunday anyways :(
    haven't played paintball since that clinic! miss the fields and the whizzing balls. fingers crossed i can get some action next week, im withering away here :p
    See me at the pro level? Don't think i'll ever find a team willing to go all the way :(

    Got a job in London! so im moving down there at the end of July, know theres much more action down there. all i need to do is find a good team, hang around with them for a year and hope i can play some games with them... rents going to kill me though, be lucky to have £40 a week to spend on paintball :'(

    Know anyone who wants my british racing green shocker? mint condition ;)
    oh, is that what Ardolino is, i thought it was just a screen name, how the hell do u say it? :p
    good to hear u came second! that is by no mean a easy feat :)
    tbh, would love to come down again and give m ebrother a whirl with my ion :p its just that you ain't fast to get to (2hour drive) and i got to get back for the work and stuff on sundays. i'll see if my brothers up for this sunday.
    been invited to train with the wildcats on the 6July :) looks promising if i can't come this sunday
    Hello Jonathong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hey dude, just saying that if you need a 5th and are short for players for this upcoming pa, i'd be happy to pop along to play for you :p
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