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  • Hi Beaker. Just checking, are you the same Beaker that played ball in New Zealand a few years back with the Saints? If not then you won't know who the hell I am, in fact, even if that was you, you probably still won't know who the hell I am. I was playing with team Insane and then Kaos at the 5 man events they held in Kumeu.

    Anyway, if this is the guy I'm thinking of I'm just saying hi and after some advice, if its not you I'd still appreciate it if you could offer the advice.

    I recently moved to Switzerland and brought all my paintball gear planning to play here, only to find that there is sod all competition paintball around Lausanne and after a break, I'm really not that into it anymore anyway so I'm looking at selling my gear.

    I've got heaps of assorted crap as you do after a number of years of tourney paintball but the main items are an SL74 ego, silver/black in very good condition with very little use. Also an 06 Infamous Intimidator, white with black parts also in good condition with a probably less than 30 cases of paint through it.

    Any idea what kind of prices I should be looking at to sell those in either UK, Switzerland or elsewhere in Europe. Also any tips on the best places to advertise, given that I only speak English and a very little bit of French.

    My brother lives in UK so if thats the best place to sell I'd just take the gear to him to sell (assuming marker import laws aren't completely crazy in UK?).

    Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

    How long do you give someone before contacting paypal with the thought of being ripped off by someone advertising on here ?
    why the fook u deleted my thread?
    this isnt brand new ,as said ive used once!

    Sorry for the whole YOUR-MUM thing! We offered him to come to a training session twice and he did not turn up as it was too far for him to travel.

    Do not understand why he did post what he did but again sorry for the trouble it caused!
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