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  • Hi mate if your looking for bits for that 08 let me know il send you a web sight over in the states that stocks ego parts from 05 to ego 11 iv had stuff from them no problems.
    Hi mate what do you need to know is it just my name for the iID card? wich is Phil Mitchell they should have my picture on file from last year. can you let me know what time to meet up & where thanks
    ok cheers. one last thing, what feedneck threads do i need to get for an aftermarket one?? thanks
    ant perry
    You'll ned to order most spares from the US. The intimidator owners group forum is a good place to start looking, a guy on there called crankwalk does screws and such, and there's a thread for UK timmy owners. For detents, Planet Eclipse sell spyder detents which double for Timmy's.
    Rabies will flash the board for free, or peanuts I'm told.
    Good decision BTW!
    will be playing div 4 :)
    as it turns out i just put a tigers board in the timmy now im gonna keep it hehe.
    dont suppose you know where i can get/ have spare that u want to sell, a stock timmy bolt for a gen 3/alias??
    A rail for a timmy - you're mad!!!! They'd better add cash....
    Can't wait till the next round, presume your playing NSPL then - what div?
    hopefully i will be able to come and watch next month... it turns out i have been picked for our "A" team :).
    chances are i will be there without timmy as i have found a rail that i am interested in. i hope you guys come second ... after broken obviously :p
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