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  • Sorry for not replying to your text messages at christmas. Mobile was being funny, and just realised i got 60 messages lol. Got message from Rob, will sort something out with the lads and Nige very soon.
    Welcome to the club Nicky ;) You'll get your "Henpecked Husband" stickers and badge in about 6 months hehe ;)
    ite dude, on behalf of mancheste revolt be good to see you on the field again soon, hopefully in action against us, be good to see how all that you taught is, is put out on the ill see your techniques...try em out i they work for me too :D peace
    hey, if your ever thinking about getting rid of your ego 08 which i was shooting, send me a msg my way cos its so frickin' sweet!
    Martin :D
    alrite dude its chimp from me as a friend dude coz i aint gta clue how 2 lol,tryna get in2 a better team ne ideas???gta get transport 1st but im prayin 2 get better n i fink a better will do dat,chat soon dude.
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