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  • Great seller! very fast shipping. fair price and items in great shape. highly recommend
    i will try, and i will probably meet you as an event one day! let me know how your team gets on!

    thanks for the advie and help mate!
    thanks for the advice, i'll keep this to learn the defintions of the different bunkers!

    im not good enough for a team yet, and i know id be niave to just try and get into one striaght away, its going to take a while, but i'll learn the right way, which is the hard way haha :D i will try and get to all the walkons that i can get to :) how long has your team been going now?
    aaa i see ok, so to much and the mods dont like it?
    hopefully i will be in a team one day, id like to be a serious team, committed you know? but still up for a laugh! anyway thats a while away and im just going to carry on learning, one question the fields you play on, how do you map them out? i watched the UKS videos and they were calling the bunkers "carwash" and "50 doritio" whats all that about?
    We have quite a strong emphasis on training within the squad. For example we met yesterday and drilled from 9am to about 3pm. We played a few 1on1's; but mainly drilled :-

    Breakout - instant accuracy at long range
    Snapshooting at targets - over the top, out the side - seriously work on core body and leg strength
    Gunfighting - dominance and accurancy, snap shooting 1on1, first to 3 hits then cahnge over - hard work again
    Assault Course - move to bunker, hit target, move to next bunker, next target etc - fitness, stamina and accuracy drill
    Breakout jousting to insert bunker spot - another breakout drill.

    Was good fun. We wnet to Action Paintball to avoid having to put our whole field up. We shot about 1.5 boxes of Scherer Premium each - all in the day cost £33, including paint, lunch, and £2 greenfee to Action Paintball. Cannot complain about that !
    Hi Martin. Good to hear from ya buddy. Damn nuisance our team website and forum is down right now.

    A bit more about us, ... we came 2nd in Div4 of the NSPL last year (beaten by Relentless, who then went straight to Div1), and were promoted to Div3, which we are winning so far this year.

    We plan on winning div3, and so get promoted to Div2 for next year.

    We have played Campaign twice. The first time was in 2006, when the team had not been together long. We did ok, and were approx 4/5ths of the way down the table in M5, which wasn't bad considering it was only our 2nd tournamnet then.

    We played the M5 again this year, but seriously blew out - mainly due to bad paint - that's my story anyway :mad:)

    As I said, I shall let you know soon as the next training date is set.
    where is the next one like? they all seem far away for me at the moment, trying to get a steady job
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