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    Contract Killer "Merc" CVO (With Freak XL Kit)

    And late november bump. Still here, still for sale!
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    Contract Killer "Merc" CVO (With Freak XL Kit)

    Sorry for late reply, yes. Been busy with other things.
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    Contract Killer "Merc" CVO (With Freak XL Kit)

    Selling my CK CVO "Merc", I imported this direct from CK and enjoyed the fun that is customs! Comes with a Freak XL kit as well. Not in the pic's is the shocker barrel sock, will include that once found (never used) As far as I am aware, the only CK Merc in the UK! £625 posted to UK, I am in...
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    pE autococker v.i.p 002

    My VIP dosnt have the Eclipse badge, and very different milling as well.
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    Gossip, scandal, bragging rites and all that Jazz ....

    Can I just add, so happy to see So-Manc get into the Pro. They did exceptionally well, certainly surprised a few teams! I did play, but smashed my ankle going into a bunker on the Saturday, so missed all the Sunday games. Will have a think and a natter with others and do an edit later.
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    Hobbies other than paintball...

    Detailing of vehicles. Well ok its more than a hobby (wont post website without permission) I find it very relaxing. Oh, walking the two English Bull Terriers, thats not so relaxing sometimes.