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Best Places to buy Paintball Products - Companies you can Trust !!

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Mar 31, 2009
We are continually asked by members which are the best companies to buy from.
P8ntballer.com is the biggest paintball forum/website in Europe, we are our sport's 1000 pound gorilla in Europe, no other forum comes close to us and so we're really lucky in being able to attract the vast majority of paintball retail outlets and distributors to advertise with us and these guys do not throw their money away, they invest in advertising if it, and only if, it works... and it does work ..
These companies come on here because they know full well we have the biggest paintball player demographic in Europe and so we are well aware of the responsibility we have toward our members and this is exactly why we have posted this advisory page.

It should be noted that the vast majority of new ballers who come to forums do so via p8ntballer.com, this can be easily verified by looking at just how many people we get through Google.
The new time buyer must be extremely wary of forums who are mere fronts for certain companies or event series - our forum represents the vast majority of paintball companies, retail and wholesale alike.
It's easy to identify these front forums because they have virtual tumbleweed blowing across your screen with maybe a handful of visitors tapping away listening to their own keyboard echos.
Be warned !!!!

The main worries for potential customers seem to be after-sales service and of course which companies give the best prices.
One of the best ways to evaluate this is to look at the companies who have been around for some time - it means people are happy with them otherwise they wouldn't still be here.
With that in mind, here is a list of the best companies in the UK.
These companies are retail companies not wholesalers and so the retailers tend to be shop-fronted as against having a warehouse.

Firstly, in the North of the country there are two really well-established businesses who've been around for a long time, and these are :-

Just Paintball and BZ Paintball - Both these guys have the necessary range of products available and both offer competitive pricing, you ain't gonna get ripped off by these guys, both companies are 100% trustworthy and have impeccable records of trading.
I know and respect the people who own/run those two companies and I can personally vouch for their professionalism.
After sales services provided by Just and BZ are the best around and so if you live up north, go in and see them ... you can alternatively click on their badge ads that run across the top and bottom of every page of p8ntballer.com ...

A hundred or so miles away in the midlands we have Warped Paintball .. these guys run the UK's biggest game of paintball every year - rec/scenario ballers come from all over Europe and the States to attend their big event ... it is the ONLY rec/scenario game I will promote and stand by - I will not promote nor will I recommend any other scenario/rec game or series, and there's a reason for that - I don't trust any of them, or more accurately, I don't trust the people who run them.
Jim and Tim at Warped Paintball have proved time and time again they are the numero uno in the rec/scenario events, their last game had over 1500 players in attendance, they really are the only game in town when it comes to it.
People have suggested they start their own series of scenario events and if they need any help from us, it's already on the table waiting for them ......
Click on their badge ad if you wanna hook up with Warped Paintball...

If we head south a bit, we have Lips [London International Paintball Supplies]
These guys are the nuts, they've built up a significant following down south and attend most domestic events for anyone who's interested in buying paintball product.
Once again, if you wanna check them out, click on the Lips button ad that spans the page.
As for the other companies ?
The likes of Planet, Kee, Manic, Dye, Gog Paintball [Smart Parts], Tippmann, Phoenix are all distributors, not so much retailers. They all stock quality product along with excellent records of after-sales service and competitive pricing.

None of these guys mentioned are gonna let you down in any way, they can be 100% trusted.
Some of you may well notice that this list corresponds to my advertisers - that's absolutely true but all is not what it seems.

I have the luxury of being able to pick and choose who I want as advertisers - if I don't like or don't trust any advertiser, then you ain't getting your ad on my site .. that's a fact !!!
If you need this confirming, I once had occasion a few years back to hear about some shady dealings by a certain company that advertised with me at that time - they were my biggest advertiser in terms of revenue .. but as soon as we found out what he'd done, we wouldn't take his advertising, I told him to stick his money up his capacious fat ass and we never heard from him again ...
And so, if any company is on my site, you can trust them, if they ain't on my site, then it means I don't trust them and you're taking a risk ...
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Jul 5, 2001
Addendum: When I first posted the above list of tried and trusted vendors - we had an individual who used the name of LucasEtha to make his/her first post in response to my thread-opener.
No real problem thus far but he basically did a support / advertising job for a certain company who were not named in my 'tried and trusted' list.

As I mentioned, I was only ever gonna recommend companies I trusted and of course, this is good advice for anyone new in our sport buying kit and don't wanna be ripped off in any way - I can personally vouch for each and every one of those companies on that list above because I know and I like all of them personally.
They all have competitive pricing structures and just as importantly, a professional attitude to after-sales service for people.
.This LucasEtha user name came on and suggested that a company called fat bob's paintball were a trusted set-up - there was however, one slight technical problem with that, I trust fat bob's about as far as I could throw an anvil ... a big fuhk-off anvil at that, with an elephant sitting on it.
And so in this sense, fat bobs did get the exposure they might have felt justified in having but I'm afraid I'm unable to falsify my opinion and so I won't be recommending fat bob's in any way shape or form - I just don't trust them - it's as simple as that !
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