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Bolt Stick.


Sep 4, 2012
Friend of mine had MAJOR issues with his axe. Turned out to be totally lube related. He had previously used thicker lube and even though he had cleaned it, it seems some remained and was causing issues. Then he was simply using too much.... eventually he got it sorted. The mini style systems really are frugal with lube, you don't need to use a lot at all, and you need to keep the lube well away from any of the air holes (to stop it going into the solenoid).

A) (GENTLY but thoroughly) Clean the bolt like you've never cleaned it before. Use ALL new o-rings.
B) Clean INSIDE the bolt housing, don't forget lube and other gunk can get stuck in there as well.
C) Check the poppet face, and don't forget that the poppet needs a little lube.
D) Apply a light grease/lube and be frugal.