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Mark Sheredy

Sep 14, 2017
San Francisco, CA
Love Dye markers, I own an M2 and she is my favorite go-to marker (right behind my DM13), but I must agree, resale value is utter crap. I do like the new DSR but would like to see a side by side comparison with this and the M2.


Dec 29, 2007
Liking the look of this.

Simpler in terms of just adjust the HPR for chrono adjustments and being dwell insensitive. Similar to the gtek.

Like the PM8 was basically a DM8 you were basically getting a "high end" at a mid end price point.

Only time will tell if this takes off. If it had a £730-750 price point it may have been a different story as it would be direct competition with the gtek 160r another dwell insensitive marker.

The DSR in a sense is in direct competition with the Shocker XLS. With the release it adds more variety to those looking to get a mid range marker that doesn't have all the bells and whistles like the Dye M2/Luxe ICE and CS1.

Basically a no frills dye marker, I may get one but I like my M2 so much. Which I've shot over the last couple of years. But I did like the PM7 and PM8 markers.
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