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Forum Hacked?


Jul 2, 2001
Hi Guys,

Just to confirm, everything on P8nt is secure, it just happened that @Bolter was being very naughty and re-using his passwords!

Fortunately, only a limited number of users were alerted/emailed and it went no further than that.

Hopefully nobody clicked that link, and it seems all antivirus programs picked it up so even those who did should be ok.

This just goes to show why password re-use is a very bad idea, and I would suggest people look into using a secure password manager such as lastpass to ensure you have unique passwords on every site, and enable 2 factor authentication where possible.

As an example, if I generate a new password right now with lastpass, this is what it spits out: eB*8tmUdhArNaAJf4!Vc7kT9ZTmWq*J*9C!

Every site I sign upto has a similarly complex password, and means if one of those sites ever gets compromised, it won't effect my account on any others, so I would suggest using it!