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Great customer service


Sep 4, 2012
A few months back (about 6) I was having issues with my TM7 V1 solenoid sticking. I emailed John at Kee Action, and I was stunned to get a response within a few minutes. After several emails either way, John provided me with detailed and photographic instructions on how to potentially fix the issue.

Now... I have to admit that in this instance the fix didn't work, but that is more likely the solenoid was sticking for another reason (wear for example). I was very impressed by the professionalism, timely manner in replies and the in-depth information John gave out (and his lady co-worker - forgive me I cannot remember her name now) which exceeded my expectations.

Due to this, I decided to spend the money on replacement upgraded parts. It doesn't take a lot to make a good impression, and John and co were a shining example. Thanks guys.