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Looking for a Team


New Member
Sep 11, 2021
Dear all,

I'm currently looking for a team in order to play on a weekly basis (at least once every two weeks) on a speed field.
I am in a team at the moment but nobody ever shows up for the training anymore and therefore we end up with only 4/5 people on the sunday and therefore can't even train properly for D4, and I'm not even talking about D2...
I'm based in Luxembourg and I don't mind having an hour to drive to a new field (currently I have 1h15 to the current one I'm playing).
We have a NXL setup that we change whenever it's needed (meaning everytime there is a tournament with a new setup), and I would like to continue playing on it (althought, playing on a millenium is fine to me).

If any team near by my position (Luxembourg) is recruiting, you can message me !

Best regards,