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Mechanical Masters : Walkon 14/0/2017 (Robbo Approved now)


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Aug 8, 2017
So this has been floating about and taken down many times in the last few days but hopefully now it will stay.

Mechanical Masters is here to give you something different. What's different? There are a few things that make this the next step in your many years of enjoying the sport and here are a few.

1. Mechanical means that the marker does not require a battery to run. You have to pull the trigger on every shot, meaning you won't have players shooting loads of paint at you just by pulling the trigger once every so often.
2. Level playing field. Not only literally but also in regards to the markers them self's. A tippmann 98 or a pump can shoot just as fast as any other gravity fed marker. (If you know how to work it)
3. It's organised by someone with 19yrs playing experience and 15yrs experience of running games.
4. Only the best venues used. Driver Wood, the first venue that Mechanical Masters is using is the dryest site you'll find. So even in October your boots will be clean. (Subject to you sliding around and getting stuck in)
5. Team Cpts are well know in the game/industry and you may even learn a trick or two.
6. Cheap! £15pp with BYO (bring your own) paint. Paint sold on the day for as little as £30 for 2000.
7. 2018 a mechanical mini series will follow with the a protentail of mid year Urban weekener.

Fancy seeing what it's all about have a look at my Facebook page or search for the "Mechanical Masters : Walkon" event. Tickets being sold by Urban Paintball UK please prepurchase to pick your team, Automags Vs Autocockers.


Facebook Group:

Facebook event:

email: mechmarkers@hotmail.com
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