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More great publicity?...


The brotherhood
Aug 1, 2003
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All over the internet?, or a forum specifically for paintballers?. I haven't seen it shared anywhere else?.

I would suggest the moral of the story is probably don't be a sex offender but that's just my take on it?!.
It was on at least 2 facebook groups 2 weeks ago, people saying exactly the same thing about what has this to do with paintball.
May 25, 2005
I know the guy, he's from the same area that I live in, not buddies, but I know him enough to say hello as a fellow paintballer, and with this going on in the papers for the last year or so, enough to ask him about it.

I've previously had his version of events - he pleaded not guilty, accepting what happened but not the circumstances.

He has now been found guilty.

With regard to the relevance of his hobby, it's twofold:

1) any headline will relate to your occupation, hobby or activity, and then the relevant community will complain about the media associating them.

2) he had previously gone to the local paper with his paintball activities (tournaments, playing for GB veterans etc) which then means that instead of the headline 'Businessman ....' its 'Paintballer ....' complete with photos from their back catalogue

The article is factually correct in that he's a paintballer and has has been found guilty of the offence

The local papers, Salisbury Journal et al have been covering this since he first went to court and pleaded not guilty. I don't regularly read the local papers and it may have passed me by without the paintball association - but as soon as paintball is mentioned everyone I know asks me about it

The Sun haven't been very slow picking it up, so I'd probably say a local reporter has submitted it due to the nature of the offence making it 'newsworthy' to a national paper
Good post :)