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Need some Axe parts, who do I email?


Well-Known Member
Nov 4, 2010
Basingstoke, Hampshire
Hey guys, hoping I can get some help with this

So I sold my custom Mini and I now want to do something similar with an Axe :rolleyes:

I'm interested in building a custom Axe using the new inception body, nummech frame, plus a load of other aftermarker bits, but I'll still need all the other parts from an Axe. I'm trying to work out if it will be cheaper to buy a second hand Axe (£200-£250) or to buy the stock parts I need direct from Kee.

I've got a list of about 40 stock parts I'll need, so I was hoping to email someone at Kee the list and ask how much it would cost me, but I cant find the right email address.

Any help much appreciated.

Cheers, Dean