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I'm a country member!
Highlights from Tom Cole's meeting at Chantilly:
So keeping the U19/Men's/Women's/Vets
Only pro's will be locked div (great news)
UK location is the olympic park in London
4 weeks between US and Europe legs of the events.
First event in April

Still no final word on entrance costs, or paint. See above for a paint idea that was being tossed around a lot.
Will that mean no more US Pro players in SPL etc?

Olympic Park, I had a conversation with Steve and Barry when they first looked at it, the security bill for the venue was going to be six figures alone!!
It will be, to quote @Robbo, fuhnking expensive to put on an event there and as above, player accommodation and travel costs will be increased, plus I doubt that the little French fire engine that runs the air system would ever get in the Low Emission Zone

Would really love to see a season where there was no divisional locking and the top 5 scores across both the US and Europe counted to the overall championship!


Super Moderator
Mar 25, 2014
Means pro players will be in SPL :) Not Div 2 as the highest non-locked div. So every div under Pro, will be unlocked.

And yep, Olympic park is booked for next year. No freaking idea where the hell I'll stay...seems to be crazy expensive everywhere around it. Somehow it's cheaper to stay in Chelsea that near there. Wooo.


Euro, ICPL and ECPL ref.
Feb 27, 2002
North Yorkshire
Personally I am more concerned about a few other things rather than locations.
1. Format used limited or unlimited?
2. Entrance fees?
3. As mention is this going to stop the US top trumps game in all divisions?
4. Refs (more my focus) are the euro refs going to be continued or 2 day ref certifications the way the NXL will go?

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
Expecting a full announcement re unlimited/limited paint, entry fees etc roundabout World Cup.

Regarding Refs, expect to see NXL refs mixed with Eurorefs and the best of the local refs. That is, local to the event being played.


Dec 29, 2007
Does this mean refs on both sides of the Atlantic will be using the same hand signs?

Does it also mean flags?

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
Transatlantic flights are quite expensive, so I wouldn't expect to see the wholesale import of dustpan wielding NXL refs.
They're sending them via fishing boat. They're setting off after World Cup, and should be here about March. Just in time.

And you're right about flights - I can't find any cheap flights like we had 10 years ago between Orlando and the UK.

I was looking at playing the Iron City Classic, and it worked out at £1200 just for the flight. Some joker said it was cheaper if you go via Iceland, which is fine if you want to spend almost two days in airports at each end of your journey.
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