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One of the greatest collections of old school guns is on sale


Super Moderator
Mar 25, 2014
Sweet hopscotching Jesus on a pogo stick. This is one of the greatest collections of Matrix's and rare autocockers I've ever seen.
Go...look...be in awe.

Also seeing all these prices on Revenge V2's has bummed me out. I had one of the first V2's made custom for me in 2000.
Dark purple to pewter fade, and you could not short stroke it if you tried. 9bps semi mechanical because it was so damn smooth.
One of my fondest memories at SC Village hyperball field was watching over my wide guy who was getting railed on, shooting 3/4's of the way across the field and putting ball after ball through a 2 inch gap in the hyperball tubes to keep their wide player in until we went G4 and I ran him down. I miss that gun :(


Peace through superior firepower
Jul 3, 2011
I have actually seen/held that two face cocker in the flesh. The original owner over here sold that a few years back it and it was for a lot less than the now $8000 asking price!! It is seriously nice tho...... A piece of Evo Cocker royalty indeed.