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Jul 5, 2001
Most people who'll be reading this will be well aware of what's happening here on P8ntballer, of late.
It's been blatantly obvious that if P8ntballer is going to thrive in this social-media online environment we find ourselves immersed in then we'll have to configure our forum along the lines of a hard-copy magazine such as Paintball Games International [PGi].

Bon [Jon Coleman] is our techy guy who's helped this forum out on oh sooo many times - Dusty [Jim Montgomery] is the all-round voice of reason I've come to rely on but his skills don't end there.
He's been one of our industry's top reviewers of paintball products and he's gonna be busy in the months coming up - hopefully, it won't infringe too much on his work or domestic lives.

Recently, we've had Al Woods from Planet help guide us through the jungle that is on-line media services - between him and Dusty, they've kept me from making an idiot of myself when it came to the clean/fresh design themes for the new P8ntballer - I've been really lucky having these people wrapped around me.

However, we need more …. we need more writers, more write-ups of events, experiences and pics taken at events.

I think I started writing in 1990 when the owner of PGi, Matt Tudor, chanced his arm and asked me if I'd like to write an article for the then, PGi.
My writing experience was zero … the closest I ever got to writing was when signing the charge-sheet at the local nick …. but I got lucky.

If you'd ever thought about having a go at writing, whether it be an event report or your ideas on how to train teams or indeed your opinion on the way the industry is unfolding then here's your chance.
I'm damned sure there's a lot of people out there who'd like to try writing and see where it takes them - You've got nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

I'm not promising I'll post everything that's submitted to me but what I will do is, I'll encourage anybody who wants to write and hopefully guide them to become a better and more competent writer..
I'll read every single submission sent to me, I'll promise you that much.

If anybody fancies doing a review then by all means, put your hand up and I'll give you a crack at it …..
There are many ways in which you can become well-known in a sport - it's not always as a player - everyone knows who the writers are.
A lot of people like to be mentioned/shown in articles/pics etc, and so the industry media guys become quite popular because to an extent, they're the gatekeepers when it comes to singling out individuals and making them well-known across our sport/industry.

My brother John, is now playing for the Turks revival team in Twizz's Woodland Masters - he's a professional photographer and so if there's anyone out there who might want to progress by taking pics of paintballers, then I'm damned sure my brother will be more than glad to give you advice.
He's actually a great writer and was writing for another magazine back in the day, Paintball Monthly I think.
But he didn't know he could write until he was given the chance just like myself and so if you fancy your chances, then please message me.

P8ntballer's revival isn't going to be achieved in a couple of weeks, it's going to take a few months and a lot of people helping out, and it'd be nice if we could all contribute to p8ntballer's burgeoning success.

You now know what to do …...
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