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Paintballer in need of help

The Luggage

Feb 11, 2009
The Darkside
A friend an fellow paintballer is in need of our help. Ian used to play the UK Masters events a few years ago with a couple of teams, Legends and Iratik, he was also known to jump in and help any team out that were short of a player. Over the last year Ian has suffered from a debilitation neurological condition that has rendered him practically bed ridden. The doctors have no idea what is wrong with him so therefore they can not treat him, they can only prescribe him medication to ease the pain. I know the paintball community is a kind and generous community that is why im asking for a little help.

As Ian is no longer able to work, (he's had to shut down his business just to pay off the creditors) friends an family his have set up a 'Go Fund Me' account for him to be able to purchase an adjustable electronic bed. These things retail out anything from £1000 which especially if you have no income is a lot of money. It will ease his days in bed while the doctors search for an answer to his condition.

Now I don't expect everyone to donate shed loads of money but if every paintballer on here donated just £1.00 I'm sure we would soon meet the target, maybe have some left over to buy something else that would help him on his good days.

To donate simply click on the link: https://www.gofundme.com/bpxcu9es

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thankyou for hopefully donating