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Rec ball forum changes ...Ideas ?


New Member
Apr 1, 2014
Woodsball fourms sound good. Also a section where people could easily post and discuss pictures and video of their rec games and ask for help with things like form and strategy would be very useful. It's not hard to get a friend to cellphone video you working a bunker. Then a pro could tell you things like "tuck in your legs more". Basically tips and tricks that aren't just meaningless text. Real coaching for us players who don't have one. Am I crazy?


Nov 27, 2006
Don't think you're crazy - with photos & video we do all like to be in front of the camera, but mostly use it for nostalgia or looking pretty.
There is a photo/video area of the forum, http://p8ntballer-forums.com/forums/vids-pics-media.45/, and someone could just post up a thread for feedback.
I wandered into the world of tournament play recently supporting friends, and took a good number of photos. Though there was the typical elements of looking for good pictures they were much more interested in the situations and sequences of the pictures to analyse the game play

I'm less keen on more woodsball areas, the scenario & recreational area covers that.
Currently I feel that though paintball businesses and sites can be feeling the impact of the 'recession', as players we have so much choice and variety.
Some people have good amounts of disposable income so can happily prioritise and play, many may be playing less games but choosing the games they play carefully, either playing more local walkons and saving on travel or being choosey about which games they play for the experience they want to have.

Scenario especially is not limited to the woods these days in the uk, we have woodland sites that are working very hard on unique playing areas, non standard urban sites, and one off or once a year unique sites such as sennybridge, swynnerton and cope hill down which are army training areas, one offs like a shopping centre (great venue but it was let down by the organisers biting off too big an event for their first time, and too much paint being used - this is still in use by airsofters but won't have paintball again), an old RAF bunker, deep under ground tunnels (world war 2 underground factory and Cold War bunker), things such as a theme park and scrap yard


Active Member
Nov 17, 2015
Hi I think a area on here that shows sites that allow walk on and date would be excellent

Edward Jones

Jun 16, 2016
Im sure you can create a map on google where users can add waypoints, these could be each site in the uk near them? everyone would only need to add a couple and it would be pretty much covered?