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To Em, Lemon and the Girls .....


Owner of this website
Jul 5, 2001
As some of you may remember, I was pencilled in to try and help Lemon and Emma's new team by spending a few training days with them throughout the year.
Unfortunately, things didn't seem to line up this year but eventually we'd agreed I was going to train them for the first time this weekend.

And so, about 15 minutes ago, I texted Em to ask what time she wanted me to meet her and the rest of the team tomorrow at Brickett Wood ... She replied promptly,and informed me their training day ..... was supposed to be today :(

Fuhkkkk, sh!t bollox, damn, I must be losing my frikkin mind !!

For some asinine reason, I automatically assumed it was the Sunday of this weekend and not the Saturday, and so all I can do is to offer my genuine apologies to the all the girls ...
Sorry gals - I will somehow try to put this right and help you out ... apologies !!


GB, FLCharms
Mar 27, 2010
Didcot Oxfordshire
Yes Pete, things happen, no problem. It will cost you.....;)
Today a few of us got together to train at bricket wood. Like most teams this time of year its difficult to get everyone together, but we taking every opportunity to train. It went extremely well, and to be honest we had fun!
We aim to train mostly through out 2017 but with a few sneaky events maybe...... in the planner....