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Walk-Ons & Public days


The brotherhood
Aug 1, 2003
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Cheers Scooby,

I've checked with ambush they do walk-ons so will be attending those, but they don't allow own markers on public days, which is a shame as I have some family & friends wanting to do public days (they'll be renting) but I'd like to use my own marker without abusing the public day by going crazy on paint.

I recall many years ago I was able to do this but maybe rules and policies have changed slightly.
It's like everything in life, it only takes a couple of idiots punter hunting on a rental day ruining other customers day to make a site decide it's not worth allowing own gun use.


Nov 27, 2006
Personally I wouldn't recommend walkon paintball to a first time player, and defiantly not to a first time group.

I would consider a walkon for a specific individual if I had played that walkon a few times before, knew the regular crowd and felt that the individual really would love a walkon. I'd need to be very convinced

I'd more recommend an event such as a scenario for mixed ability / new players, as storyline based missions give varying scope and the opportunity to pick your fire fights.

If you arrive at a punter game with your own gear then to everyone present you appear to be the professionial. Even back in the day when I played punter games with a Spyder clone I was 'the professional with a big bright red machine gun'
For their first game take them out to a punter game, use the site gear and use your experience to give them tips like pre booking a decent entry package of paintballs, only buying extra balls on the day at the optimum price (usually 1000 at about £50 and spilt between two of them), etc
Just have a fun punter game levelling yourself with your mates
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London Legion
Apr 23, 2014
Very few sites I've come across will let you use your own marker against punters, ones I've been to have had 2-3 walkons on each team acting as squad leaders to encourage players to move in the right direction. In addition, head shots and gun shots didn't count for punters but do for the walkons, to help balance skill levels.

Alternatively, the sites may not let you use your marker, but could well be happy for you to use your own clothing, mask and loader. Possibly air tank too, but depends on the site. Tippman 98's with a decent loader and a clean barrel aren't too bad at all.

Bit of a slow reply but hope it helps!


New Member
Aug 8, 2017
So you have been to a few games of paintball and enjoyed it and fancy seeing what the next level of play is like. Mechanical Masters is here to give you that flavour. What's different? There are a few things that make this the next step in your many years of enjoying the sport different and here are a few.
1. Mechanical means that the marker does not require a battery to run. You have to pull the trigger on every shot, meaning you won't have people shooting loads of paint at you just by pulling the trigger once every so often.
2. Level playing field. Not only literally but also in regards to the markers them self's. A tippmann 98 can shoot just as fast as any other gravity fed marker. (If you know how to work it)
3. It's organised by someone with 19yrs playing experience and 15yrs experience of running games.
4. Only the best venues used. Driver Wood, the first venue that Mechanical Masters is using is the dryest site you'll find. So even in October your boots will be clean. (Subject to you sliding around and getting stuck in)
5. Team Cpts are well know in the game/industry and you may even learn a trick or two.
6. Cheap! £15pp with BYO (bring your own) paint. Paint sold on the day for as little as £30 for 2000.

Fancy seeing what it's all about have a look at my Facebook page or search for the "Mechanical Masters : Walkon" event. Tickets being sold by Urban Paintball UK please prepurchase to pick your team, Automags Vs Autocockers.


Facebook Group:

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email: mechmarkers@Hotmail.com