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Wombles win Millennium Series


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Oct 16, 2002
Bonn, Germany
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Wombles win Millennium Series in Amateur B!

Coming fifth at the last leg of Millennium Series at Campaign Cup in Crystal Palace, London, Wombles secured their leading position in the overall ranking of the series. For the first time in history a German team became Millennium Series winner!
We would like to thank YOU, all the players, all the teams, we met this year in places like Lisbon, Bitburg, Amsterdam, Toulouse, Stockholm and London. We played Novice, Amateur and Pro teams, all of them contributed their share to the success of the whole Millennium Series for all involved, players and promoters alike.
Cheers to the other Series winners Dynasty and Powertrip, we know how hard you guys had to fight for the title!
Respect to Amateur B teams Hypnotize, Evolution and Crossfire, you kept open the race for series winner to the very last moment!
Many, many thanks to all the teams, who cheered us up. We found so many new friends all over Europe this year, for us this is at least so important as winning. I will only name a few, but we know, there are a lot more out there:
New Russians, UK Jaguars, Les Agneaux, Shockwave 3, Crazy Monks, Roamers, Syndicate Instinct, Fat Lady’s Charms, Tunnel Rats, Rebirth, Metralhas, Wolf, Mayhem Tigers Kids, Twisted, Killer Clowns, Kontact, Euro Allstars, Paintoon, SMK Goblins, Phoenix Factory and Jolly Rogers.

This success would not have been possible without the support of our strong partners in the paintball business. We proudly thank our sponsors:

Paintball.de - Thomas Heitmann and Stephan Wildemann, all the sexy ladies and ugly guys working for them, helped us with equipment and stuff all season long.

ZAP - Tony Robson, ZAP Europe, invested a lot in our team, we are proud, his trust in our abilities paid off in the end.

Extreme Rage - Andy Piper, now Mr. PMI Europe, you gave us the best packs and pods. Where have you been at the award ceremony? There are still some pints waiting for you, my friend.

WDP - Matthew "Gunslinger" Green and all the nice people of the WDP staff make us feel at home, where ever we attend a tournament in Europe. Angels rule!

See you all next year,

P.S.: Last year at Campaign Cup we played Maurice Gibb and his team Royal Rat Rangers. After the game he answered patiently all our questions, we talked a lot about his visions and plans for the future. Commander Mo is gone now, but he will never be forgotten.


Crazy Elk. Mooooooooooo
Aug 23, 2002
The Wynn
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Yep well done.

Enjoyed our game at Campaign where you royally kicked our asses!!! You shoot so much paint at us I did'nt see anyof your players for the whole game, until the guy who doubled mugged us right at the end. Nice move, especially as I thought it was a marshall come round to Paintcheck me, and before I could say WHHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!, I realsied he had a marker and Red playing top on and he had alreday shot me up the marker and mask (after which I fell apart laughing, quite an unusual reaction to a mugging). It was refreshing to see a team gracious in winning especially after our punter display.


Ms Bossy

wotever :o)
Aug 26, 2002
Congrats Wombles, not an easy task to get the top spot:)

Now i believe that the top 6 should move up to Am A for next season:D :D :D